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We offer our clients vitamin and amino acid injectables. When taken orally many vitamins are not well absorbed into the body due to barriers that exist in the gastrointestinal tract. When a vitamin or amino acid is injected, a much higher dose is delivered into the body. Vitamins and amino acids, when injected can have a very powerful drug-like effect, but without any of the adverse side effects that often come with prescription medications.

NuFaceGlow now offers expanded menu for IV therapy and vitamin drips/injections! General and Lipotropic Injections:


Vitamin B12 is an energy vitamin that can help reduce fatigue. It helps your body use carbohydrates and fat for energy and to make new protein. In addition B12 helps to regulate sleep, mood, appetite, and energy.


Vitamin B Complex benefits include amplified energy, better or more constant frames of mind, healthier hair, skin and eyes. These vitamins are very important for proper functioning of nervous system as well as for immune system.


Glutathione acts as a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier that protects cells from free radicals and oxidative stress and boosts the immune system. The levels of glutathione in the cells of the human body begin to decline after the age of twenty.


Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) Injections, also referred to as Lipo Injections, are used to help release fat throughout the body by specifically targeting its primary fatty deposits, namely the stomach, inner thighs, neck, buttocks, hips, and underarms. It can also be used to maintain and promote healthy liver functions including preventing potential liver disease.

Sports Enhancement Injectables

Certain Injectable Amino Acids Can Enhance Athletic Training


GOAL stands for Glutamine, Ornithine, Arginine and Lysine which are all amino essential in building and maintaining your muscle and vital organs. With the combination we have compounded, you can have your body performing at its optimal state. These Amino Acids are also known to increase your body’s HGH levels, Recovery Time, Athletic Performance, Endurance, Stamina, Immune function, and Muscle Pump

  • L-Arginine
    L-Arginine greatly improves growth hormone production, helping to increase strength, improve sexual function, reduce fatigue, and even shorten recovery time. It is also important for the synthesis of most proteins, giving an even more potent boost to the potential or your workouts.
  • L-Carnitine
    L-Carnitine enhances energy production, improves heart and brain function and muscular co-ordination. As a result, it enhances muscle building, increases HGH levels and improves strength and stamina thanks to extra energy and a better potential for building new muscle tissue.